National Council for Teacher Education

   (A Statutory Body of the Government of India)

Inspection Division


The Section 13 of the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) Act, 1993 empowers the Council to cause inspections of the recognised Teacher Educations Institutions (TEIs) to find out if they are functioning in accordance with the Regulations and Norms and standards prescribed by the NCTE for the teacher education programme (s) offered by the concerned TEI.


The main purpose of the inspection is to intimate the observed deficiencies to the TEIs and to provide them the an opportunity to make up the deficiencies in order to improve their functioning. The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has directed the NCTE to continuously monitor the functioning of all recognised TEIs by conducting inspection of each TEI once in a cycle of 3-5 years, The NCTE is developing an Action Plan to implement the directives of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.


  1. Procedure of conducting inspections
    • Selection of Institutions

      At the beginning of an academic session a list of Teacher Education institutions for inspection in drawn. The institutions are identified in accordance with the criteria evolved for the selection of institutions. The criteria include the time gap after the precious inspection and inspections conducted by other organisations like NAAC. The institutional Database giving detail of the Courses offered in a TEI, sanctioned intake for various programmes and inspections conducted in the past is in the process of development.

    • Visiting Teams for Conducting inspections

      A team of two experts is appointed to cause inspection of a TEI. The NCTE maintains a Panel of Teacher Education experts, educational administrators and
      educationists for this purpose the applications are invited from the experts interested in the inspection work and the experts who fulfil the prescribed
      conditions are included in the Panel.

    • Orientation of selected visiting Team Members

      The experts selected for Conducting inspections are given orientation through various means such as face to face interaction in a formal situation with the
      officers of the NCTE or with the Academic members of the inspection Committee Constituted by the NCTE.

    • Inspection Manual

      The NCTE has developed inspection Manual for the reference and guidance of visiting Team members. Besides the purpose and objectives of the inspection
      under Section 13 of the NCTE Act, the manual explains the various processes involved in the conduct of inspection, such as scrutiny of the necessary
      records, perusal of the website, assessment of physical and instructional resources, interaction with students and teachers, etc.

    • Intimation to the institutions

      As per the Rules framed under Section 13 of the Act, the institutions are given prior intimation of the intended inspection alongwith the self Appraisal
      format. They are further directed to keep certain records ready for the perusal of the visiting Team members.

    • Conducting of inspections and submission of Report

      The Visiting Team members reach the institution on the appointed day the NCTE provided them a copy of the prescribed inspection proforma and a copy of the
      inspection manual. On the basis of their Assessment, the visiting Teams submit their reports to the NCTE.

    • Analysis of VT Reports

      The VT reports are analysed by the inspection Division with the help of an expert Group. The group prepares Appraisal respect of each institution against
      the pre-defined parameters like infrastructure, instructional facilities, staff, management of academic affairs, etc. Besides, enumeration of conclusion,
      the Group, also makes certain recommendations for the consideration of the Council.

  2. Intimation of outcome of inspection to the TEIs

    On the basis of the Appraisal Reports prepared by the experts Group, the NCTE Communicates the outcome of inspection to the concerned TEIs and directs them
    to submit the compliance report for perusal and consideration

  3. Examination of Compliance Reports

    The Compliance Reports submitted by the TEIs are processed by the inspection Division with the help of an expert Group and if necessary, further advisory
    Communication is sent to the institutions. In case, Contravention of the prescribed Norms or violation of the conditions of recognition is observed, the
    matter is referred to the concerned Regional Committee for necessary action under the relevant Section of the NCTE Act.

  4. Special Inspections

    Besides regular inspections as part of under Annual Plan, Special inspection in Compliance the orders of High Courts or as per the decision of the NCTE’s Appeal Committee. For example, in the year 2012, in compliance to the orders of the Hon’ble High Court of Jharkhand, inspection of 95 B.Ed. Colleges in the state of Jharkhand were conducted. Likewise, in compliance to the order of Hon’ble High Court of Madhya Pradesh passed in the month of June, 2014, inspection of 392 B.Ed. Colleges is being conducted. The inspection of approximately 280 institutions has already been completed. The inspections are being conducted under the overall guidance and supervision of Prof G.L. Arora, Former Head, Department of Teacher Education, National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), New Delhi

Leadership Team

Sh. Ravinder Singh

Under Secretary

Sh.Pawan Kumar Bairagi

Section Officer