National Mission for Mentoring (NMM)

A Programme initiated for School Teachers


National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 in Para 15.11 aims to flourish a knowledge system by establishing a large pool of outstanding professionals, who would be willing to provide short-and-long-term professional support to school teachers. Working towards the attainment of the goals set by NEP 2020, NCTE has been assigned to develop and design the modalities for National Mission for Mentoring (NMM). Mentoring is a process for the informal/formal transmission of knowledge and the psychosocial support perceived by the recipient as relevant to work, career or professional development. Mentoring gives rise to a collaborative agency for stakeholders where the community fosters the spirit of learning, reflection and sharing toward capacity building. The NMM portal encourages community engagement through forums, organizes mentoring events, and prioritizes user security. It aims to create a supportive environment, enhancing mentorship experiences and contributing to individual and collective growth.

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Areas of Mentoring