National Council for Teacher Education

   (A Statutory Body of the Government of India)

How to lodge a Grievance/Complaint


Grievance from the stakeholders regarding OTPRMS, release of FDRs, status of pending applications for recognition etc., the same may be sent to the Section Officer (Complaints), NCTE, G-7, Sector-10, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075 for appropriate action thereon.

Grievance regarding the terms and conditions of service of teaching and non-teaching staff including selection procedure, pay scales, age of superannuation and other benefits must be sent to the respective State Government/Affiliating body.


  1. Complaint from public, various administrative authorities and Stakeholders etc. are generally one of the important sources of information for identification of vigilance related issues. Complaint to the NCTE are thus meant to result in punitive action against the erring public servant(s). Relief as such in the matter to the complaint is only incidental to the vigilance action.

  2. The complainant should note:

    • All the complaints received by NCTE will be handled as per the instructions/guidelines contained in the following CVC/DoPT circulars/OMs:-
      1. CVC Circular No. 12/09/20 dated 24th September, 2020

      2. CVC Circular No. 01/2020 dated 30.01.2020

      3. DoPT OM No. 104/76/2011-AVD-I dated 08th October, 2018

      4. CVC Circular No. 03/03/16 dated 07th March, 2016

      5. DoPT OM No. 104/76/2011-AVD-I dated 07th April, 2015

      6. CVC Circular No. 01/01/2015 dated 23rd January, 2015

      7. CVC Circular No. 07/11/2014 dated 26th November, 2014

      8. DoPT OM No. 104/76/2011-AVD-I dated 18th June, 2014

      9. DoPT OM No. 104/76/2011-AVD-I dated 18th October, 2013

    • Whenever the complainant for valid reasons requests that his identity be withheld while processing the complaint, this will be ensured by the NCTE.
    • Complaints must be brief and contain factual details, verifiable facts and other related matters. They should not be vague or contain sweeping general allegations.
    • Complaint may be addressed directly to the Nodal Officer (Complaints), NCTE.
    • Only those complaints which are against officials of the NCTE and within the jurisdiction of the NCTE and have allegations of corruption will be got investigated by the Vigilance Division of the NCTE.
    • Other complaints will either be filed or will be referred to the concerned Division/RCs for necessary action.
    • NCTE will not entertain any further correspondence in the matter of complaints, but will ensure that the complaints are investigated and action taken to its logical conclusion.
  3. How can we lodge a complaint to Nodal Officer? Complaints can be lodged to NCTE by addressing the letter directly to the Nodal Officer (Complaints), NCTE and giving the specific facts of the matter. The complaints can also be lodged directly by sending an email: However, before lodging the complaint please ensure that the same is under NCTE’s jurisdiction.