National Council for Teacher Education

   (A Statutory Body of the Government of India)

Regulation Division


The National Council for Teacher Education is a statutory body of the Government of India established by an Act of Parliament under the Ministry of Human Resource Development. It regulates teacher education in the country except Jammu & Kashmir. RegulationsDivision of NCTE formulates Regulations, maintains quality and standards of various teacher education institutions/programmes.It also takes steps to ensure implementation of the norms and standards laid down. Besides this, it formulates minimum qualification for recruitment of the school teachers at various stages.


The mission of the Regulations Divisionis to maintain quality of teacher education in India. Accordingly, it prepares norms and standards for various teacher education institutions/programmes and makes amendments as and when needed. It also attempts to ensure implementation of laid down norms and standards, invites applications for recognition of these programmes/institutions, enhancement of intake, shifting of institutions and closure of the programmes/institutions. It also takes care of various proposals received from State Governments.


Various activities of the Regulations Division of the Council are as under:
  1. Formulation of NCTE (Recognition Norms and Procedure) Regulations.

  2. Formulation of minimum qualifications for recruitment of school teachers at various stages.

  3. Consideration of amendment of NCTE Act, Rules and Regulations.

  4. Organisation of sensitization programmes on various issues related to Regulations.

  5. Preparation of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) based on the queries of the stakeholders.

  6. Collection of feedback regarding various problems faced by the beneficiaries while implementing Regulations.

  7. Analysis of the problems regarding implementation of Regulations, received from the field.

  8. Review of the Regulations in light of feedback received.

  9. Processing of various proposals received from State Governments for training of untrained in-service school teachers, including through ODL.

  10. Issuance of Public Notice for inviting applications for opening of new teacher education institutions/programmes/increase in intake.

  11. Developing Norms and Standards for Language Teachers.

  12. Preparing reply on applications received from general public under RTI Act, 2005.

  13. Providing comments pertaining to Regulations on the legal matters.

  14. Preparing comments w.r.t Regulations sought by other sections and Regional Committee.

  15. Preparing/issuing instructions and guidelines for processing of applications for recognition/permission of teacher education programmes

  16. Preparing various formats for use of Regional Offices relating to processing of online applications and for grant of recognition/permission of teacher education programmes

  17. Giving replies over telephone to various queries raised by public relating to NCTE Regulations and online applications and connected matters etc.

Leadership Team

Shri Ravinder Singh

Under Secretary

Sh. Priyank Jain

Section Officer