National Council for Teacher Education

   (A Statutory Body of the Government of India)

Official Language Division (Rajbhasha)


Rajbhasha Section has been established to implement the Official Language Policy of the Government of India in NCTE. The Rajbhasha Section is committed for the continuous promotion of Official Language.


The aim of Official Language Section is proper implementation of Official Language Policy of Government of India, compliance of various orders, instructions issued by Government of India, implementation of Article 3 (3) of Official Language Act and Rules framed for this purpose. Official Language Section assists for implantation all the Rules/Instructions regarding Official Language to the knowledge of all Officers and Sections of NCTE.


The Official Language Section works according to the Annual Programme issued by Government of India for Official Language implementation. Section continuously attempts to meet the prescribed annual targets. All the Sections of NCTE are assisted and guided for the proper implementation of Article 3(3) of Official Language Act. Translation work of statutory bilingual documents is also a main task. The Officer/employees who do not possess adequate working knowledge of Hindi, are deputed for training under the scheme of Government of India and they get training from there, training arrangements for Hindi Typing, Stenography and Computer application in Hindi, organizing the Workshops, Webinars for the Training of the employees, organizing Hindi fortnight Programmes, assistance in the Publication of Hindi Magazines, Bulletins etc. which are the main activities of Official Language Section.

Leadership Team

Sh. N. K. Sharma

Deputy Secretary

Sh.Parvinder Singh

Section Officer